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Helen Frankenthaler - Abstract Art Framed

Helen Frankenthaler moved painting beyond the dominant force of abstract expressionism and towards the new landscape of colour field painting

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Welcome to the new look AAF site!

If you're a regular visitor, you'll see we've been doing a bit of a wash and brush up of our site. We hope you like the new look!

We've tried to take advantage of the new technology to bring more abstract art to our readers on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop pcs.

Twentieth Century Greats

If you happen to be in the South of France and you're looking for a fix of fantastic twentieth century art, look no further than the Fondation Maeght in the idyllic village of St. Paul de Vence, in Provence

This gallery, as well as being a modernist treat architecturally, contains a stellar collection of works by the twentieth century's most famous abstract artists, including Miro, Picasso, Leger, Calder, Hepworth, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Rothko, Pollock etc...

Definitely not to be missed!

Just because we love it

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and spring is finally here. This is Valentin Vitanov's Venus im Fruhling available from

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The Colours of County Mayo

Even in the rain, the West of Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world to be. It's also the base for UK artist Dominic Lloyd, whose giclee prints of local landscapes and abstractions draw from sky, sea and stone. As the artist says of his abstract works, these "are my attempt to create a visual language of non religious spirituality using universally recognised forms".

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A unique abstract art gift even dads will love

Giving art as a gift can be risky, particularly when it comes to abstract art. However, modern technology has made it possible to give a gift of art that is so unique and personal that it will be greeted with nothing but enthusiasm and amazement.

The reason? This abstract art is a 21st century self-portrait made from a sample of DNA.

Canadian company, DNA 11 will provide you with a DNA kit so that a sample can be collected and sent to them. They do the rest and will print your unique DNA pattern onto a canvas in colours of your choice from a list of over one million combinations. They offer a similar process for fingerprints and lip outlines.

Art collections typically say a lot about their owners but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to buy an abstract work that says as much about you as this. It takes the meaning of a personal art collection to a new level.

Try it out now and take advantag of DNA 11’s 20% discount on orders placed before 10 June. Use the code GreatDad20 to avail of this special offer.

Check it out here.

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Josef Albers and the spiritual significance of squares

An article in the Irish Times highlights the work of Josef Albers currently on display in the Glucksman Gallery in Cork City, Ireland.

The exhibition examines the role played by Albers' Catholicism and his enduring fascination with colour relationships that he portrayed in his series "Homage to the Square"

Well worth a look, see the link for more details.

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Chance to see "Red" - the Rothko play

Dark Brown and Grey

Cleveland Playhouse ( is running performances of John Logan's award-winning play about abstract artist Mark Rothko, Red, until April 8. The play features Rothko's ambivalent feelings about the commission to produce murals for the Four Season's restaurant in the Seagram building.

Read the story in the Cleveland Jewish News at the link

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Abstract Art Weekly is out now!

You can subscribe to our weekly digest of all things Twitter/Google Plus through our paper "Abstract Art Weekly" try it out at

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Diebenkorn's Abstract Landscapes

Diebenkorn Ocean Park Exhibition at OCMA

Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park #79, 1975;
Oil on canvas; Philadelphia Museum of Art,
Purchased with a grant from the National
Endowment for the Arts and with funds
contributedby private donors, 1977.
©The Estate of Richard Diebenkorn

Fans of abstract landscape art will be putting dates in their diary for February 2012 which is when the Orange County Museum of art is hosting an exhibition of Richard Diebenkorn's famous Ocean Park series.

According to the Museum, "Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series is the first major museum exhibition to explore the artist’s most celebrated series created from 1967 to 1988."

Find out more at the permalink below

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Rothko in Britain

The Whitechapel Gallery in London has put together a fascinating exhibition which will be of great interest to fans of American abstract expressionist, Mark Rothko. The exhibition brings together material from the Whitechapel’s archives relating to its 1961 Mark Rothko solo exhibition and gives the viewer a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the processes involved in putting the exhibition together as well as a series of photographs of visitors taken during its run.

Visitors to the current exhibition can see letters from Rothko giving very detailed instructions about how he wanted the works to be displayed, how high paintings should be hung and the kind of lighting they should have. Recordings of the memories of visitors who attended the 1961 exhibition are played alongside the only Rothko painting in the exhibition, Light Red Over Black (1957) Visitors to that first exhibition reveal that they were struck not just by the colors in the paintings but by the enormous scale of the canvases. The photographs taken at the time reveal how the show attracted visitors of all ages from fashionable young people to elderly ladies.

It also gives an insight into the strong relationships Rothko forged with other British artists and the British art world at that time. Almost a decade later, in 1970, just before he died, he donated nine of his Seagram murals to the Tate gallery in London.

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An Abstract Path

An Abstract Path from Ben Banks on Vimeo.

This beautiful five minute film, made by British filmmaker Nick Scott on Vimeo examines the work of Ben Banks. The film examines how the artist gets the inspiration for his abstract works, looks at his working method and gives an insight into the mind and soul of an artist producing works in the tradition of the great abstract expressionists.

Banks is an American born artist, living in France and works are available for sale from the link below.

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Bram van Velde and Samuel Beckett - a meeting of two minds

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Mason Putman No. 205
Bram van Velde
Image from

Bram van Velde (1895-1981) was a Dutch-born artist who spent most of his life in France and who met the playwright Samuel Beckett, when both men were living in poverty in Paris in the 1930s. They struck up a friendship, sharing a similar outlook on life and commentators have noted that van Velde had very similar traits to some of the characters in Beckett’s famous plays.

Anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating friendship should take a look at Conversations with Samuel Beckett and Bram van Veldeby Charles Juliet but in the meantime, if you love abstract art, we recommend that you take a look at van Velde’s vibrant and intriguing paintings

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Ghanaian artist Atta Kwami

Atta Kwami

Amsterdam Archways 2011 by Atta Kwami.
Photo by Branko Collin. via 24oranges on Flickr

For lovers of colourful abstract art, the work of Ghanaian artist, Atta Kwami has it all.   Kwami’s paintings are a feast of color and evoke the rich cultural life of his home city, Kumasi.  

Atta Kwami takes his inspiration from the life he sees on the streets around him  ‘kiosks, commercial (sign) painting, woven textiles, Ghanaian music (Koo Nimo) and jazz, all of which allow for serial composition in strips, stripes, grids’. 

Kwami also cites the influence of his mother, Grace Salome Kwami , herself a celebrated sculptor, weaver and painter whose painting materials and textiles surrounded him as a child and inspired his love of color. 

An exhibition of Atta Kwami’s work is currently running at the Nicholas Krupp Gallery of Contemporary Art in Basel.   Follow the link to see some examples of the artist’s work.

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Ireland at the 2011 Venice Biennale

Corban Walker Ireland Pavilion Venice Biennale 2011
New York-based Irish artist, Corban Walker is Ireland’s representative at the 2011 Venice Biennale. At four feet tall, Walker’s relationship with the built-up world around him is fundamental to the way in which he develops his work.

His Venice Biennale presentation comprises three pieces: a stainless steel sculpture entitled Please Adjust and two vinyl drawings affixed to windows entitled Modular and Transparent Wall.

In his drawing, Modular, he uses a vivid blue vinyl affixed to a series of windows to represent his personal height while at the same time evoking a tall-buildings skyline. The effect is beautiful against a backdrop of Venetian sunlight.

His second drawing, Transparent Wall, is made up of black vinyl squares and presents the viewer with a sort of visual game where each square is reduced in size by half its own dimension again and again until it becomes 0mm i.e. invisible.

Please Adjust comprises 160 interlocking stainless steel cube frames and challenges the notion of sculpture as a constant and stable form as its configuration will alter each time it is installed in a new place. The steel cubes also reflect how we are all inter-dependent and affected by the actions of each other and of forces beyond our control as well as the way in which we constantly have to adjust our expectations in life and the opinions we hold.

The exhibition is presented in the beautiful Istituto Santa Maria Della Pieta in Castello, Venice and runs to 27 November 2011. Click the link below to view the artist’s website.

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