Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract Metal Wall art is the perfect solution if you want to create the ‘wow’ factor in your home.  This art doesn’t do ‘blending in’ – it’s designed for high impact and there’s no better way to create a contemporary look than to go for one of the unique abstract metal art pieces available from a variety of highly skilled artists.

In this article, we've used images from our affiliate partner Amazon.com to illustrate the types of metal wall art available.

Abstract metal wall art can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be.   Large pieces will reflect the light and add another dimension to the space.

Smaller pieces create texture and depth and are a good choice when you want something different to complement a selection of artworks in a room.

"Blue Wave" from Amazon.com
Abstract Geometric Wrought Iron Wall Sculpture
from Amazon.com

Contemporary designs also include a selection of outdoor metal wall art  if you’re looking for something to add impact in your garden.

To make abstract metal wall art, artists work with a variety of materials – anything from steel, copper, aluminium to wrought iron.    Depending on the design, they either use sanding discs to etch intricate patterns onto sheets of metal or they cut, bend and manipulate the metal to mould it into sculpture-like shapes. 

If you have the space, a trio of panels featuring contemporary metal wall art designs which have been etched onto the surface of the metal will look amazing.   

You don’t have to compromise on color either – gone are the days when metal meant tones of silver, gold or copper – this art is available in all of the primary colors, including stunning cobalt blues and vivid reds.  

Alternatively, choose from shapes cut into circles, curves and swirls and crafted to inspire thoughts of nature and a world beyond.  There is no limit to the imagination that goes into making these inspirational contemporary metal wall art pieces. 

from Amazon.com

Whether you go for an original one-off as a centre-piece in a room or just give a bare and neglected wall a chance to show off a bit with a more widely-available commercial design, abstract metal wall art will do the job perfectly.