Ten Examples of Cool Abstract Art

What makes cool abstract art cool? Your understanding of cool and our understanding of cool are going to be different, so it's impossible to be other than subjective in this selection.

In our choice here of ten pieces of cool abstract art we've taken works which might not necessarily be visually stunning on first impact, but there's an interest for us in the way the artist works, or the way the art is produced. Some of the works can make fantastic abstract wall art pieces, some of the others you just have to see "in the flesh" to really appreciate them.

One - Mouse Tracking Art

IOGraph, a piece of software from IOGraphica.com tracks the movements of your mouse and turns them into art. This example, from Nicholas Bester shows the potential for producing unique pieces of canvas art. He has combined three days of mouse tracking data into a single image in photoshop to produce this stunning cool abstract art piece.

Two - All done with a ballpoint

It's amazing what you can produce with the humblest of materials. The ballpoint pen isn't known for being in favour as an artist's medium, but in the hands of Il Lee, the Korean American artist, it becomes a sublime work of meditation.

Three - Spencer Finch

American artist, Spencer Finch uses elements of both science and art to explore how we see the world. His "What time is it on the sun?" was the title of an exhibition at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. This piece, entitled Sunlight in an Empty Room (Passing cloud for Emily Dickinson, Amherst, MA, August 28 2004), is a good example of how he investigates the limits of our ability to perceive the transient and ephemeral.

Four - Ellsworth Kelly

Color Field painter Ellsworth Kelly is one of our all-time favourite artists. For us, the shapes and color suggest a combination of freedom and clarity. The impact of standing in front of one of his huge canvases can't be underestimated. Although his work is typically minimal in form, you can still sense the influence of nature closely observed in these works which are both meditative and decorative.

Five - Theo van Doesburg

Theo van Doesburg was one of the early pioneers of abstract art. He was the founder of the movement, "De Stijl", and was a close associate and friend of the more famous artist, Piet Mondrian. We had to include a work by van Doesburg, as he's been one of the inspirations behind setting up abstract-art-framed.com.

Six - Frank Stella

Frank Stella is another of our favourites. What's cool about his art for us is the way he overturned centuries of assumptions about how art exists on a square or rectangular panel and explored the spaces that colour could occupy in a way that still looks fresh and exciting.

Seven - Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin's work seems to be about peace and serenity. If you've ever tried Japanese calligraphy or attempted to create a grid drawing of the type she is famous for, you will know just how much mindfulness and attention and concentration is required. Cool, understated and quiet in it's presence, this work commands and rewards attention.

Eight - Loveisartkit.com

Jeremy Brown at loveisartkit.com has invoked the memories of the free-loving sixties and the performance art of Andy Warhol and Yves Klein with his abstract art kits. The kits provide everything you need for making an individual abstract expressionism art piece during intimacy.

Nine - DNA Portrait from www.dna11.com

Cool Abstract Fingerprint from DNA11.com

A favourite from one of our affiliate partners, DNA11.com - this is a cool way to produce a piece of personalised abstract wall art. The folks at DNA 11 will send you a kit including a swab to take a small sample of your DNA, or a simple pad to collect a fingerprint. When you send it back to them, they will produce an individual print like the one shown here.

Ten - Bespokenart.com

On the theme of love, another route to making a unique piece of cool abstract art is through the services of bespokenart.com. The image is produced from your own recording of your voice (in this case, someone saying the word "love" ) which you can upload to the site and have reproduced as a unique piece of abstract wall art.