Famous Abstract Artists

What you'll find here are famous abstract artists who’ve made an impact on the art world.  But what sets them apart?

In the early part of the last century, abstract art was a radical departure from the art that had gone before it. The artists who were at the forefront of this strikingly modern movement all had something in common. They had a passion to communicate something fundamental through art that couldn't be achieved using traditional methods. To this day, their art continues to stimulate and challenge the viewer, allowing us to find something new in ourselves.

Abstract artists Wassily Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky,
pioneer of abstract art

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Who are the most famous abstract artists?

The most celebrated and famous abstract artists are masters of their form. Early pioneers, such as Kandinsky and Delaunay experimented with colour, shapes and symbols. Later in the century, in the creative explosion that was abstract expressionism, artists such as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock demonstrated new ways to make art and, with their huge canvases, gave us new ways to experience it.

All the artists in the list above are represented in all the leading art galleries and museums around the world.

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Wassily Kandinsky, Composition IV, 1911
Composition IV, 1911 Kandinsky
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some of these famous abstract artists formed groups and developed ideas together.  Others chose to work alone, socialising with each other sometimes, but always maintaining a very unique and individual approach to their art.

The abstract paintings they realised used shapes, lines, form and colour to create artworks that sing with vibrancy and intrigue. They’re always stimulating and sometimes a little challenging. Their work offers us an alternative interpretation of the world. Think of the real world, suspend reality and go into the unknown.  Abstract art is a different way of looking at the world, where artist and viewer can connect and make connections.

These artists have set the bar high, extended their influence, and inspired generations of painters who followed them.  Although they are all very different, many have things in common - a curiosity about life, a passion for self-expression, a love of colour, an energy and commitment to the creative process.

For a lot of them the road was difficult and painful.  But they forged paths that are easy for us to tread, taking us to places we might never find any other way.

It’s the imagination, skill and innate understanding of us as spiritual beings that makes the paintings of famous abstract artists so fulfilling.

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