Green Abstract Art

Helen Frankenthaler, Spring Bank
Spring Bank, Helen Frankenthaler
Image from Easyart

A Touch of Nature

Use some green abstract art to bring a little nature into your home and help create a relaxing and peaceful environment. Green is the color associated with fertility and growth, the colour of life.  

It’s seen as a balancing and cleansing color and one which inspires feelings of peace and harmony.  It makes us feel healthy and close to nature.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. -Shakespeare

The Most Restful of Colors

The painter Wassily Kandinsky described green as ‘the most restful colour that exists’ and green is a great choice for rooms in your home where you want to relax and create a healing and restorative space.

It’s important, however, to consider the predominant shade of green in the artwork you choose.  Kandinsky goes on to say that pictures painted in shades of green ‘tend to be wearisome’ after a while.   That might not sound like good news if you have your heart set on some green abstract art. 

Jackson Pollock Number 8,1949 (
Number 8, 1949, Jackson Pollock
Image from Easyart

However, he qualifies that statement by saying that when green is mixed with yellow or blue, its effect is greatly enhanced – yellow bringing lightness to it and blue bringing depth.

Optimistic, Contemplative, Free

So you need to give some careful thought to your choice of green abstract art.

Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1954
Untitled, 1954, Mark Rothko
Image from Easyart

Nature presents endless possibilities for the artist and the resulting artworks offer a wide range of choices to suit all tastes and situations but the light source available and the size of room where the artwork will hang need to be considered.

Lime green and yellow-greens are optimistic, invigorating and put a spring in our step.

Henri Matisse, Amphitrite, 1947
Amphitrite, Henri Matisse 1947
Image from Easyart

Darker greens evoke more contemplative feelings, and a sense of being nurtured, as though deep within a forest. 

Blue-greens evoke vast expanses of deep ocean, stillness and a sense of freedom. 

James Knowles, Forest One
Forest One, James Knowles
Canvas print from Easyart

There as many interpretations and uses of the color in art as there are shades of it in nature so whatever your taste we hope you’ll find something to appeal in this hand-picked selection of green abstract art we’ve put together here.